Monday, September 18, 2017

Laura Harring - Diversified Actor and Social Worker

As a teenager actor Laura Harring sought to serve the global community when she traveled to India to become a social worker with The Round Square Conference Laura woke up just before 5AM to start working manually, before the temperature became too hot and along with other students from other schools, Laura helped built schools, plant vegetable gardens and carry heavy rocks to help protect the villages from the soil erosion. When she returned home, Laura persuaded her parents to let her skip school in London and go travel the world for a year.

Laura was born to parents of Spanish, Austrian and German heritage, but she was brought up in Texas, where she attended St. Mary’s Hall and all girl boarding school in San Antonio.A few years later, Laura Harring received permission from her parents to finish high school education at Aiglon College, a prestigious boarding school in Switzerland and after graduating with an Academic diploma, she began backpacking across Europe and Asia. 

Although Laura Harring has gone on to train as a classical actor, she attended The London Academy Of Performing Arts, and later learned to play Commedia Dell’ Arte, Laura retained a desire to help others. She traveled to Africa with Stop Hunger Now and was the Goodwill Ambassador in the early days of the David Lynch Foundation. When Harring was Miss USA, she visited over 100 nursing homes, hospitals and veterans hospitals, often staying over time. Laura still travels and sometimes finds time to continue to dance. She dances Tango, Salsa, Cha cha, swing and waltz.